The DNAnutriControl Portal

The DNAnutriControl Portal

Free DNAnutriControl Portal!

The DNAnutriControl Portal is the easiest way to plan your diet based on your genetic profile.

The DNAnutriControl Portal requires genetic data from your Weight Sensor or Sport Sensor genetic analysis, and then does all the complicated calculations for you. With a few clicks, you can plan your optimal diet and the appropriate exercise program for an entire week.

Plan your meals according to your genes!

The software filters out for you the unfavorable food, and informs you how much you can eat from various foods, so that you do not exceed your daily calorie total number. If you do not like a proposal, you can easily replace this article with something more appropriate to your taste, only with a few clicks.

Do you want to cook something?

No problem! Choose from our 800+ recipes and integrate these recipes into your nutrition plan. The ingredients are personalized according to your genes, to reach your optimal calorie distribution.

Advantages offered by the portal

  • 15,000 Ingredients & 140,000 brand products
  • Automatic shopping list
  • 800+ recipes tailored to your genes
  • Plan your exercise program
  • Record your success in losing weight

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